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SJ Innovation LLC Overview

$25 - $49/hr

50 - 249


SJ Innovation has been creating innovative web solutions since 2004. Over the last decade we have evolved into a full service web development company known for delivering custom software solutions that companies need to succeed.

One of our flagship services is BuildYourAI, where we develop custom applications for clients using OpenAI, DALL-E, Stable Defusion, and other AI frameworks. We leverage cutting-edge technology to create powerful, intelligent solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients, enabling them to harness the potential of advanced AI models like GPT-3 and beyond.

3 Unique about us:

  • Culture based company with Employee Happiness at the heart.

  • Extensive hours of support possible through NY based project management team along with team members across many different time zones.

  • Excellent communication with 100 % Transparency and Clear Processes.

Proven Process: 

  • Hiring Culturally Fit Person – through SJ University continuously developing their Technical and Soft skills
  • Involve team members from each team in requirement gathering phase

  • A dedicated team with US based project manager/Manager, a strict process of agile for software delivery

  • Clear and Over communication with the client(updates and technical clarifications)/Client feedback

  • Post support/ assurance of quality product

  • A Strong Leadership with long term Vision /High retention rate.

244 5th Avenue New York, NY, United States 10001


  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development

Industry Focus

  • Healthcare & Medical
  • E-commerce

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