1. General

Findbestfirms is a data-driven content as well as unbiased research and review platform that helps business owners or service seekers to choose the right & trusted partner for their firm or brand. We cut through disorganized market research by collecting client feedback and analyzing industry data. Our platform is an all-in-one destination for IT companies and software solutions.

Our website is free for visitors who want to browse the top-rated companies in the field of IT, digital marketing, web/software development and more. Select the one that fits your requirements and budget. Similarly, industry leaders (companies) can become free members at Findbestfirms owning their profile. Moreover, they can get the ratings and reviews by their prospects for multiple projects to increase the reputation and showcase their portfolio to users to peruse.

Our handpicked selection is based on extensive research, evaluation, and analysis of various things, only to bring you the best IT companies and Digital marketing companies worldwide. We use own methodology to calculate the merit of a company on the basis of quality, reliability and ability. We compiled enough information to assist any user in finding the right agency for their needs in a matter of minutes.

Findbestfirms listed top-performing companies and service providers of various IT domains based on their reviews and ratings. Visitors can browse ‘’Categories’’ for outsourcing various services and software solutions with verified client testimonials. The visitors or entrepreneurs can even compare the pricing of different top companies in our list for similar services and products. Hence, it helps seekers to hire an authenticate company/service provider online for their business growth.

Email our Findbestfirms Analyst directly. If you’re unsure who your analyst is, fill out our contact form or email at info@findbestfirms.com

Our team monitors emails throughout the day. Our team will respond to your email and query within 1-2 business days.

2. Research Process

Findbestfirms research methodology includes three fundamental assessment criteria: Quality, Reliability and Ability of the service or product offers by the companies or agencies. Every company at our platform is scored from 1 to 10 on an aggregate of reviews, past work, market reputation, experience, and solutions. Our research process is usually conducted in-house and through information from different sources, consistent with our knowledge. From therein, the ranks of the IT companies depend mostly on the reviews received for their work.

Company rankings at our platform are updated regularly as companies are rescored due to new awards, clients or testimonials. Leader’s matrixes, therefore, are dynamic and subject to change.

Our research process is ongoing thus, our analyst collects a new review, the leaders or top matrix is subject to change.

Find best firms ability to deliver company’s score considers four main criteria:

  • Client Reviews
  • Past Work Experience
  • Brand Presence in its Target Market
  • Awards & Recognition

3. Listing

The term ‘’Get listed’’ means vendors, companies can get listed with their profile at Findbestfirms.com. In simple terms, the term means ‘’getting registered’’ with Findbestfirms by creating a free account. At the website, you can find this button at the top of the homepage that will redirect you to the registration form page.

If you belong to web development, eCommerce development, digital marketing, SEO services, web designing, app designing, social media and AI industry you can be a part of our listing.

The higher positions in our Directory are reserved for the sponsors and featured partners. We offer a completely unbiased and equal chance to other companies to reach higher ranks in our listing. In order to get listed at top positions in your category, try to get more reviews posted at ‘FindBestFirms’ profile by your prospects as it undoubtedly boosts the value of your company or service. If you have achieved the top positions, you are bound to gain potential users to your site.

4. Reviews

We have the simplest way to add reviews to your Findbestfirms profile. Just share the link of your company listed profile to your client, which contains the ‘’Write a Review’’ section. Therein, your client can fill in the details about his experience with you in the form of rating and review. On clicking the ‘submit’ button, an autonomous account will be created after LinkedIn authentication of the client on our website, where he/she can keep track of his written reviews for respective companies or service providers.

Our skilled and professional team doesn’t let the reviews publish as it is. The identity of reviewers is verified through their LinkedIn profile. Once, our team is satisfied with the client social and professional online presence; we add the reviews on your company’s profile.

Yes, if the review shows to be ‘pending’ in your client account that means it’s not published yet on the company profile. Only in the ‘published’ reviews case, you can send your edit request on our email id: info@findbestfirms.com.

Only clients can edit the company’s reviews, via logging to their findbestfirms account.

Yes, of course. All the reviews will be shown in the ‘published review’ section of your company account on our website. Just click on the ‘’add response/reply’’ button, and reply to your potential clients with your thankful words.

It totally depends! A client cannot add a review for a company about the same project more than once at our platform. But, if the company has successfully completed the reviewer’s more than one project, then reviews for that project can be submitted and further our team will take it into consideration. But then again, once verified, both the reviews will not be posted from the same account. Rather, a combined review for both projects will be shown in the company profile.