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A Creative Agency Based In West Covina, California

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A creative agency baser in los Los Angeles servicing organizations world-wide. Humbly established in 2002, we have come a long way from where we started in the CD/DVD print business. Our company was built on the brick and mortar concept catering from record labels to corporate clients, delivering their messages and products on CDs and DVDs. After manufacturing over 75 million discs, our industry was devastated by the invention of a little thing known as the iPod.

You know very well in business one must evolve in order to stay relevant. So we adapted and created our own streaming platform that services events, universities, and anything that need to be broadcasted live. By transitioning to the digital era, we are able to continue fulfilling our clients’ needs as well as expanding our business. Our next mission was online content delivery.

Positioning a new team together, we spun off to create our own enterprise platforms and apps. Our team quickly developed a strong passion for solving corporate problems using software. Many years and projects later, software development continues to be one of the many services we provide.

Everything and anything related to print, fulfillment, design, software or websites is where our hearts are at and what we are good at. Things are constantly changing at a rapid pace. It will be interesting to see what will become of our business 10 years from now.

Our products include: Software Development, App Development, Web Design & Development, Design, Print and Packaging, Marketing, Video Editing, Photography, Live Streaming.


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